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Clean Blue Technologies, Inc. is a provider of innovative and transformative solutions for the Oil and Gas industry for today's issues. Through our teamwork as solution providers, we are able to develop answers to positively impact the People, Planet, and Profit.

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Our goal is to harness safe and environmentally friendly energy in order to create harmony now and for many generations to come.

Each system is set up in modules and, depending on the application; more or less modules can be added onto the site for scalability. Each system can be easily transported from site-to-site as necessary. The lead time, set up, and site integration of Clean Blue’s systems are a fraction of other competitors which allows our customers to start utilizing the equipment shortly after it arrives to the site. Each system has a negligible footprint, zero emissions and is flare-less. The system is also capable of extracting the free destabilized gas particles and capturing the value in these products by blending it back into the final products or separating them as a third liquid product.

The Clean Blue system uses a unique method of both mechanical and chemical means to process petroleum products. This process allows us to create marketable hydrocarbons. Other systems can be damaging to the environment and have significant carbon footprints. These processes can create problems by placing harmful pollutants in our air and water, create lost corporate and environmental value, and create problems for our future. Clean Blue strives to set a new industry standards and pioneer responsible energy production by creating fuel without creating any emissions.

Although we strive to have the smallest possible electrical exposure by equipping our machine with energy efficient pumps and motors, the system can be integrated with renewable energy sources to decrease the dependence on the grid. Integrating with renewable energy sources takes us one step further to energy independence and our overall goal to make our world a better place today and for the future. Renewable energy integration is a step-wise process and we must learn more about your wants and needs in order to help you achieve less exposure to the grid.

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